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BAD Camp 2013

Bay Area Drupal Camp 2013 - Berkeley, California

Bay Area Drupal Camp - people sharing information about Drupal

With over 160 sessions, 1600 attendees and one awesome party, BAD camp might be my favorite conference of the year. This year was even better than last and can't wait to use what I learned in upcoming projects. Here are a few notes I took from the conference I wanted to share.

BAD Camp Session Notes from:

PHP Unit Tests in Drupal 8

Agile Drupal Development

Development Philosophies

  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Rational Unified Process
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework
  • and many more

The Iron Triangle of Project Management (Budget, Time, Scope)

Agile is a philosophy, a way of thinking.

Scrum is an example of a methodology under the Agile philosophy.

Why be agile?

Because research show that you have a greater chance of success with Agile methods.

  • Easier to adapt to change.
  • Often better than Waterfall at managing risks.
  • Necessitates more involvement from stakeholders
  • Developers feel more ownership
  • Better chance of building something useful
  • Quality driven focus
  • Greater transparency. Visibility.
  • Quicker feedback from end-users.

A typical agency project life cycle

information discovery requirements design development content creation

pure agile is probably not the best option.


Scrumfall is a hybrid of Waterfall and Scrum methodologies often employed when there need to be certainty around the project scope.

Waterfall tasks


  • Project plan
  • Business requirements
  • Schedule
  • Risk analysis
  • Scope definition

Agile tasks


  • Brainstorming
  • High-level requirements (i.e. vision, mission statement)
  • Elevator pitch

Responsive Grids

by Snugug (While wearing an awesome viking hat.)

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