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Common JavaScript Interview Questions

After interviewing at a bunch of start-ups and other companies over the past month. I have gotten a bunch of white-board challenges, I have previously never been asked to use a dry erase marker to solve problems. Besides learning how terrible my handwritten code punctuation is, I learned some neat tricks and tips for solving these problems.

Forward JS

Forward JS was a one day conference in San Francisco. I won the tickets at SF JS. I have been looking forward to to this for a while. Let's talk about frameworks, node and everything in between.

Getting going with gulp

Coming off of having a presentation on the subject of front-end operations using grunt, I was feeling like I have a certain amount of expertise with Grunt, and a new appriciation for it, but now I want to try my hand out on the new Gulp build tool for Node.js. Gulp leverages the core power behind Node.js and uses it to enforce developers to not write out verbose configuration files, but rather write their own tasks using the Node APIs.


Joining the Kalamuna crew, I was very excited to start contributing to some of our open source tools that we used on projects and contributed back to the Drupal community. I started taking Kalatheme to the next level in three key areas, javascript, tooling and accessibilty.


Bookshare was one of the more challenging projects I had worked on at that point, but the work was ultimately very rewarding because of the impact we were able to make on helping the organization reach the users that needed their help in accessing materials that helped individuals with print based disabilities.