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NYC Camp - Drupal Conference

I ♥ NYC (camp)

NYC Camp was a phenomenal conference and an excellent opportunity to learn more from the heart of the big apple.

Vagrant & Chef, for Drupal Developers

Vagrant Logo

Alex Dergachev found of the Evolving Web


Slides available

What is Vagrant?

  • A wrapper on VBoxManage
  • A workflow
  • A way of life ?

Why use a virtualization for development?

Snapshotting is awesome, rebuilding and imitating the prod environment.

Puppet / Chef will make provisioning easiers. Vagrant is a wrapper for vbox manage, which is poorly written. This creates a vm and provide the base instance.

Installing Vagrant

Run these GUI installers

Download virtualbox, then the vagrant installer, (no longer a gem)

Vagrant Docs

Beautiful just like this beautifully simple tool.

Base Boxes

  • Just a VM images with vagrant user & ssh keys
  • Virtualbox guest additions
  • Installed chef, ruby & puppet

Vewee can help build a basebox.

Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID

Blog: Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID!

What is object oriented programming?

You don't necessairly need classes and objects. We can create OOP projects using an API, analogy of



Single purpose code.

Tight Coupling

You would have to rebuild the app since the code is specific and not modular.

Untestable Code

House of cards code, changing the code in one place can cause global issues.

Premature Optimization

Indescriptive Naming

If the other developers that use your code need to think, you need to rethink your naming.


The Rule of Three, if I need to copy and past it twice, then you should refactor.


Single Responsibility

Do one thing and do it well. Keep your objects, methods narrow

Open/Close Principle

Code should be open for extension but closed for modification.

Liskov substitution principle

Parent type is left then we extend the parent type. The children add but never limit.

Interface Segregation Principle

Dependency inversion principle

Law of Demeter

Principle of Least Knwoldege. Your code should never assume to know more than the first degree.

Principle of Least Astonishment

Your code should not surprise, it should be obvious and self document. It should be as intuititve as possible.

Getting Acquanted with MongoDB

Mongo DB Logo

Slides on

10gen - the MongoDB Company


  • Document model
  • Flexible schemas
  • Scalability and performance
  • Features (aggregation, geo, GridFS)

Server architecture for High Performance Drupal

Slides Available

Exploring the world of Search & The Future of Search and SEO

  • Knowledge Graph
  • Module for Drupal
  • Rich Snippets

Modules to checkout.

Zen and Zen Grids

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