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Forward JS

Not a confernce, a rally!?

Forward JS 2014

Forward JS was a one day conference in San Francisco. I won the tickets at SF JS. I have been looking forward to to this for a while. Let's talk about frameworks, node and everything in between.

Choosing a front-end framework...

What the blogs aren't telling us.

We make decisions at every scale, from language to framework, to library to a variable name. Most of our decision come from intuition.

NodeJS for Everything

by @swigby

Let your application crash.

Debug with node-inspector.

Modlous is using node for everything except for just SSL decription.

Do no use astricks for your pacakages on NPM. Use proper versioning, as a package contributor.

Stateless, keep your application as stateless as possible. It allows you to scale. If you need to use state, use redis to keep state.

Express is a great tool for building APIs. Fast unopionated, inimalist web framework.

Hapi is a HTTP Server frameworks from the minds at walmart labs.

Restify REST framework.

Horizontal scalablility -> be able to have multiple instances and be able to scale it that way.

Don't reinvent the wheel, don't start from scratch. That is why there is NPM.

Start testing early! Pick a testing frameworks and start writing tests.

If your not using streams, get familiar.

KISS stupid.

Introduction to Generators in ES6

Great for writting co-routines that are synchronous.

Callback hell can quickly happen in node land. Promises promise some relief to callbacks. You can never return to the original stack.

var Gen = function *() {
  var val = field 6;
  return val + 3;

var gen = gen();
var val = // val == 6
val = // val == 9

Coroutines is a stak of code that runs independently of the main thread.

For realworld applications, try using co.

Koa is a middleware focused framework that allows you to transverse the stack.

Shen, a toolbox for composing generators.

Choose your own Adventure

Kyle Simpson @getify

Slides available

What if your team could get over using spaces vs. tabs or using semi-colons vs. not. Configurable 2-way code formatting. Smarter tools make for better developers.

Sweet.js adds simple macros to the language.

Build tools that gets around the short falls of javascript. FoilScript: a list of tools.

Have javascript your way.

  • espima/acorn (parser)
  • escodegen (code generator)
  • escope/eslevels (scope analyzer)
  • istanbul (code coverage)
  • estraverse (analyze AST)
  • eslint (plugable linting tool)
  • plato/ (complexity)

State of Mobile HTML5

Half full or half empty?

Tomomi Imura @girlie_mac

Open web advocate, mobile geek, worked at Yahoo! Mobile, Palm, Nokia.

2012 was the first year of mobile chrome. Firefox has been in the game for a long time. Opera was in presto, then webkit and joined the blink engine. iOS' safari is only every year. Microsoft has released IE 10 and finally.

Disrupt App Store.

I am tired of hearing native's better.

Distributing outside of app store.

Coremob Camera

HTML Media Capture




upload with XHR2

Touch Events v.1

React and Flux

unidirectional data binding to clean up our code.

Flux: An Application Architecture for React


Embracing Failure on the Frontend

  • Montior change with services.
  • Phantomas
  • chaos-monkey-browser
  • Monitor key performance metrics over time.
  • Bad performance = failure.
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