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Common JavaScript Interview Questions

After interviewing at a bunch of start-ups and other companies over the past month. I have gotten a bunch of white-board challenges, I have previously never been asked to use a dry erase marker to solve problems. Besides learning how terrible my handwritten code punctuation is, I learned some neat tricks and tips for solving these problems.

#1 Anagram Puzzle

See the Pen Anagram Puzzle by bassettsj (@bassettsj) on CodePen.

#2 Flatten an array without recursion

See the Pen Flatten Array without recursion by bassettsj (@bassettsj) on CodePen.

#3 Log Example

See the Pen Log example by bassettsj (@bassettsj) on CodePen.

#4 Create a Modal

See the Pen IdqaD by bassettsj (@bassettsj) on CodePen.

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